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Enjoy A Successful Yard Sale

Seattle moving companies can vouch for the number of people who move their belongings only to decide they don’t want them when they reach their new destination. The solution? Get rid of unwanted household items beforehand with a yard sale. You’ll save on moving costs and might even make enough to contribute significantly to your move! Our good friend Rodgrio contributed to this article so we’re happy to offer him this shameless plug : if you’re ever looking for a Birmingham, AL moving company check him out, simply the best!

We’ve compiled a list of 10 things to help you host a good yard sale:

1. First find out if your community or housing association has any rules regarding yard sales – there might be certain days, times or areas where you are not permitted to hold them.

2. Contact your local paper or community website to advertise your sale. Some offer lower prices for posting yard sale ads (or let you do it for free!). Then tell as many people as you know – advertising is relevant!

3. Post a sign the day before, e.g., ‘Yard Sale Tomorrow’ and put up signs on the day of the sale. Make them easy to read from a distance. Once again, check with the local authorities to find out where you are allowed to post your signs.

4. Make sure the goods you sell are in the best condition possible, e.g., give cooking utensils or bowls a good clean, dust ornaments, check pockets of clothes or inside books to make sure you haven’t left anything in them.

5. A good rule to follow is to price items at about 20% or 1/3 of their original price. But apply common sense if you think certain items are worth less or more. Be prepared to lower prices later in the day if goods are not selling.

6. Make your yard display as attractive as possible. Group similar items together, e.g., kitchenware or baby toys. A good presentation will help sell your wares – place CDs and books into boxes where they can easily be rummaged through with their covers showing, hang clothes on hangers, so they aren’t crumpled, display jewelry in individual food storage bags so they don’t get tangled.

7. A good selling tip is to group items according to price, e.g., have a $1, $2 and $5 table or box. Also, display your most interesting items in the area closest to the street – that way those driving past will see them.

8. Offer free coffee or soda – or start small concessions stand for small snacks. If you have kids, get them involved in helping out with this. Refreshments will tempt customers to stay longer at your sale.

9. Wear a fanny pack or fabric wallet you can tie around your waist so you can take your money with you. Have plenty of change to hand as well as a calculator.

10. When you’re yard sale is done, take the rest of your belongings to a charity store – there’s no point in keeping items you don’t want.
Good luck with your sale!

In most estate sales, the lone homeowner usually will try to sell most of their things to either move into a smaller place or so the proceeds can be divided among the remaining family members, or maybe this home has been repossessed and must be sold to help pay their debts. When you go to these places or sales, you will want to check the items you are buying very well because they might have some damage on them from fire or water damage, and you won’t want to buy these.

In some cases, it is almost impossible to tell if you are going to get something that has either been in a fire or has some water damage until you get to looking in the boxes that you have bought. Then you will find the things that have this damage on them. If you smell something musty, however, then in most cases you will find this damage. This will usually happen when you go to estate sales, but in some cases, you will find it at a yard sale.

As most people are just trying to come up with some money to keep their property like maybe make their car or truck payment or try to keep their home by selling some of the things that they don’t need any more, you can usually get your hands on some things that you might need for almost no money, as sometimes these people will really need the money more than they need these items. Then sometimes they might not have any other choice but to sell the item to get money and since time, in most cases, are against these people, they will sell this or that item for a lot less than normal to help keep the wolves off of their backs for a while longer so that maybe things will improve.

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